Our Mission

At Caflisch Pallet & Wood Services, our mission is to cultivate enduring and trustworthy partnerships with each of our valued customers. We aim to be competitive, quality-focused, and compassionate in all our endeavors. By deeply understanding the unique requirements of our customers, we are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions through tailored pallet manufacturing and recycling programs. At Caflisch pallet, we come from families of strong faith and hard work. The owners, Dan and Laura, were born and raised in this community. We believe that through our core values and God’s blessings; we have grown our business to success over the past 30+ years. Our commitment is underlined by a dedication to providing the highest standard of customer service, ensuring satisfaction and reliability in every interaction. 

Our History

Several years ago, the Caflisch family established and managed a lumber business in Clymer, New York. Daniel Caflisch actively contributed to the family business, working alongside his father, Bing, and uncle, James Caflisch, during his young adult years. In 1993, Dan initiated the inception of Caflisch Trucking & Construction Inc. (CTCI). In its early stages, the business primarily engaged in freight hauling for local companies. With Dan and two other employees at the helm, there was a strategic decision to expand the company’s scope, evolving it into a pallet recycling facility.

The manufacturing facility, sprawling over 32,000 square feet and situated on 5+ acres, has become a robust operation. The inventory encompasses over 40 different pallet sizes, complemented by the production of more than 100 varied pallet sizes, ranging from the smallest dimensions to custom sizes measuring up to 20 feet. In 2005, CTCI took a significant step by installing the ISPM 15 Heat Treat System in the plant, leading to licensing and certification for all heat-treating processes. This included pallets of different sizes, custom-built pallets, as well as various-sized boards and bases.

Under the certified status, all heat-treated orders are meticulously handled in-house and transported to numerous customers in the surrounding area. The evolution continued, and today, the company has transformed into Caflisch Pallet & Wood Services, Inc. Dan, alongside his wife Laura, has played a pivotal role in expanding the company into a thriving business with a workforce exceeding 30 employees. The company’s unwavering focus on “friendly customer service” and “on-time delivery” has led to its current position as a leading provider, extending services to customers in three states, offering new, reconditioned, and heat-treated pallets. Regardless of size, Caflisch Pallet is dedicated to meeting the pallet needs of businesses, both big and small.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Caflisch Pallet stands as a beacon of excellence in the pallet industry, with a rich history rooted in family values and a commitment to quality. Our 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility, nestled on 5+ acres in Clymer, New York, epitomizes our dedication to precision and innovation. Watch our latest video tour to witness the heart of our operations, where skilled craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. From the vast inventory of over 40 different pallet sizes to the creation of more than 100 unique pallet sizes, including customizable options up to 20 feet in length, every aspect of our facility showcases the versatility and meticulous care we pour into our products.

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